Department of Auxiliary Services


  1. Each department must use their own access code for copiers (if you are unaware of your departments, code please see your department head). Please protect your departmental code.
  2. Departments will be charged for use of departmental copiers, Copying and Duplicating copiers, and other services. Beginning January 2004, departments are charged for paper used on departmental printers and copiers (see note below). Pricing is listed below. Charges will be calculated at the end of each month and the Accounting department will perform an internal transfer from department accounts to the Copying / Duplicating account. We will send each department a list of charges in the following format:
  • Pages copied
  • Per page charge
  • Total copy charge
  • For departmental copiers: paper charges and per page price
  • Departmental paper charges
  • Miscellaneous (binding, folding, stapling, etc.)