Department of Auxiliary Services

What are Dining Dollars?

Dining Dollars refer to the retail portion of the Meal Plans. Dining Dollars are access with your student ID card (OaKard).  These dollars can be used in any Dining retail location (Starbucks, Subway, and Concession Stands) to pay a la carte. These dollars may also be used to pay door price for entrance into the Magnolia Café.  Sales tax are not charged anytime Dining Dollars are used.

Can I buy additional Dining Dollars?

Yes, you may purchase additional Dining Dollars; however, this can only be done with the purchase of a meal plan. 

What is OakCASH?

OakCASH is a debit card system using your Oakard (LSUA ID) to provide a fast, safe and convenient way to make purchases on campus. One of the great things about OakCASH is convenience! Make deposits easily using one of 3 AV machine locations on campus! You’ll enjoy convenient purchasing power without carrying cash at several locations on campus. When you make a purchase, your remaining balance will be electronically displayed so you’ll always know how much money remains in the account. If your card is lost or stolen, a call to the Auxiliary Services Office will immediately stop access to your account until you find or replace your card.

What is the difference between Dining Dollars and OakCASH?

Dining Dollars are only accepted at the cafeteria, Starbucks, Subway and concession stands.  Dining Dollars are only available with a Meal Plan purchase.  Meal Plans, Dining Dollars and OakCASH are loaded onto your Oakard for your convenience.

Dining Dollars can only be used at LSUA Dining locations. For example, you can use Dining Dollars at the Magnolia Café in the LSUA Student Union (1st floor), Subway (located across from the Baseball Fields), the Concession Stands (located at Baseball Fields), and Starbucks (located in the Library)!  Dining Dollars have a one-time roll over from Fall to Spring if you have a Spring Meal Plan that includes Dining Dollars.  At the end of the Spring semester, any unused Dining Dollars are lost. This one-time transfer occurs after the 14th class day.

OakCASH can be used at Barnes & Noble, computer labs, vending machines, laundry machines, as well as any LSUA dining location. OakCASH is also the only way to copy and print on-campus. OakCASH funds are available from deposits you make at any of the AV machines located on campus (Library, Café, and the Oaks Clubhouse).  You may add OakCASH to your card at any time. OakCASH does not expire and can be used at several locations across campus.