Department of Auxiliary Services


The LSUA Parking Administration Office is located in the Student Center room:201. Parking Administration is responsible for the following:

  • Parking policies and procedures
  • Recommending upkeep, repair, and maintenance of the parking lots, traffic/parking signage, and outdoor lighting.
  • Registering vehicles that park on campus
  • Issuing parking decals
  • Ticket appeals

Together with the University Police Department, we enforce University Traffic and Parking Regulations. Our direct line is (318) 473-6579. We are open Monday – Friday from 7:30am to 3:30pm.

Vehicle Registration

You may register your vehicle at Campus Connection, orientation sessions and at the Student Center room 201 at all other times. You will need to complete a registration form. Please be sure you bring your auto information, including;

  • Make / Model of your vehicle
  • Year model of your vehicle
  • Color of Vehicle
  • License plate number

We must confirm your status as a student, faculty, or staff member before giving you a parking decal.

By obtaining a vehicle registration decal, you are automatically assessed the vehicle registration fee each semester you are enrolled at LSUA until the decal expires. 

*Effective August 2016* There will be an academic year fee of $56.00 per vehicle registered during the Fall and Spring Semester. Students enrolling in Summer only will be charged $28.00 per vehicle registered. This fee is due at the time the vehicle is registered.

Parking Decals

  • All students, faculty, staff who park a vehicle on campus must obtain an LSUA parking decal to be displayed on the LEFT REAR BUMPER OR LEFT BACK GLASS ON THE OUTSIDE. Decals should not be taped to the inside of the window. Students issued a decal are responsible for any violation involving the vehicle for which the decal is issued.
  • Visitors who park a vehicle on campus must obtain a temporary parking permit Auxiliary Services located in the Student Center room 201. Temporary permits are good for only (1) week. (An exception may be made in extreme circumstances.) Auxiliary Services will not extend temporary permits for more than two weeks. At this point, the driver must register the vehicle for parking per the LSU Alexandria Traffic & Parking Rules, Regulations, & Policies. Traffic ticket fines are paid in the Accounting Office located in Abrams Hall.

Rules for Parking

  • Vehicles must be parked within the lines of a designated parking space. Students, faculty, and staff will be ticketed if they park in designated visitor spaces. The University has the right to designate parking areas, for specific purposes. Student permits are honored only in areas designated for student parking.
  • Motorcycles, buses or large vehicles must be parked in designated areas.
  • Parking on streets and/or grass is strictly prohibited.
  • Vehicles must be parked perpendicular to the traffic flow and may not be pulled through or backed into parking spaces.
  • If a visitor receives a ticket for a parking violation, the visitor must comply with the instructions on the ticket, which includes submitting the ticket to the University Police or Auxiliary Services (Student Center room 201) on the same date as issued. Otherwise, the ticket will be assigned to the family member who is enrolled or working at LSUA.

Parking for Students

LSUA makes every effort to provide adequate parking spaces for all students, faculty, staff and visitors. Six (6) campus lots are designated for student parking. The most remote parking spot on the campus is less than a 10-minute walk to any classroom facility.

  • Lot 1 (Science Lot) is located at the corner of Grady Britt Drive and Garry Tisdale Drive.
  • Lot 3 (West Lot) is located at the entrance to campus on the corner of Middleton Drive and Garry Tisdale Drive.
  • Lot 5 (Conference Center Lot) is located on Thelma Ethridge Drive behind the Conference Center.
  • Lot 6 (South Lot) is located on Thelma Ethridge Drive between the Catholic Student Center and the Baptist Collegiate Ministry.
  • Lot 7 (Student Center Lot) is located at the corner of Middleton Drive and Acorn Drive and extends between the Student Center and the LSUA Children's Center.
  • Lot 9 (MPAC Lot) is located on Grady Britt Drive in front of the MPAC.
  • Lot 11 (Fitness Center Lot) is located at the corner of Grady Britt Drive and Jerry Myrick Drive in front of the Fitness Center.
  • Lot 22 (Ball field Lot) is located between the Fitness Center and the Generals ball fields.