Department of Auxiliary Services


  • What are the most common causes of receiving a citation on campus?
    • Unregistered Vehicle - No parking decal. If you decide not to get a decal then you will get a ticket.
    • Parking decal not properly placed on vehicle – You must place the parking decal on the bottom left side of your rear window (outside – not inside) or on the bottom left side of your bumper.
    • Parking in a space incorrectly – You must not back into or pull all the way through into a parking space. The rear of your car must be facing the parking lane at all times.
    • Parking in a reserved parking spot; Faculty/Staff only, Handicapped, etc.
  • What is the worst that could happen if I do not pay my citations?
    • On the third unpaid ticket, the University Police Department is notified by Accounting, and if found on campus, your vehicle is subject to being immobilized until all outstanding fines are paid.
    • All fines must be paid before re-enrollment, before the release of a student’s transcript or before the awarding of a diploma.
  • How do I appeal a ticket?
    • To appeal a ticket come to the Parking Administration Office in the Student Center – East Wing, Room 201 and complete a Parking Appeals Form. The form will be forwarded to an Appeals committee made up of students, faculty, and staff. They will decide if your reason is valid. If so, the ticket will be removed from your student account. Please allow two weeks for the appeals process.
  • I need to park in handicap spaces on campus, what must I do?
    Your vehicle must display either a Handicapped license plate issued by a State Office of Motor Vehicles, or a handicapped placard displayed from mirror or dashboard. Students, Faculty, and Staff who may experience a temporary handicap or disability should contact the Parking Administration Office (Student Center Room 201 / 473-6579) for an application to receive a Temporary Handicap Placard. You will be required to supply a certification by your medical professional, attesting to your disability, and the approximate or anticipated duration of disability. Applications for this temporary permit will be reviewed by the Handicapped Parking Committee on a case-by-case basis. Authorizations will not be open-ended, but based on your physicians’ statement on duration.  
  • How do register my vehicle if I am a student, faculty, or staff member?
    • Student:
      • You must be a currently enrolled student to obtain a parking decal.
      • You must complete a vehicle registration form at the Parking Administration Office.
      • You must provide your automobile license plate number, and a current automobile liability insurance ID card. Expired ID cards or a receipt or binder letter are not acceptable proof of insurance.
    • Faculty / Staff:
      • You must be a current faculty or staff member to obtain a parking decal.
      • You must complete a vehicle registration form at the Parking Administration Office.
      • You must provide your driver’s license and auto plate number.