Department of Auxiliary Services


The LSUA Bookstore is now under the management of Barnes and Noble and will hold a soft opening on Monday, June 23 followed by a grand opening in fall.  Work is currently ongoing and Barnes and Noble officials say they are very excited about being on campus. They also say they plan on bringing a higher level of customer service as well as a fun environment to the bookstore.

The bookstore will carry robust product offerings with more emblematic items from both LSU and LSUA as well as textbooks, regular books and much more.

While the main goal of the store is to be here for those on campus, bookstore officials also plan on reaching out to the local community. Additionally, they say they’re very proud to be here and be a part of LSUA while believing the success they’ve had in Baton Rouge will translate to Alexandria.

Before the opening, you can check out the new bookstore website at